Mother's Day Garden Party Photo Session

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If you have been a mother, are a mother, identify as a mother, play the role of a mother, these photo sessions are for you!

Of course you're welcome to invite your family or friends to join you in the photos, but you're the star!

$100 | 15 Minutes | 5 Digital Images


The Process

The Day of the Session: You'll show up for your pre-booked appointment and for 15 minutes we'll create a bunch of fun and fantastic photos. 

After the Session here's what we'll do:

1. I'll edit the photos and send you a link to Gallery 1.

2. You'll choose the 5 photos you'd like included in the package and send me an email with your selection.

3. I'll send you a link to Gallery 2 where you can download those 5 photos directly and purchase amazing products. 

4. Don't worry, Gallery 1 will remain active and you will be able to purchase more digital downloads and products.

5. Here's another exciting feature: You can send the Gallery links to your family and friends and they can choose their own photos to purchase as digital downloads and products.

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