Who is Chris Power?


Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, my early years were tough.


A low income family and a turned in foot led to physical, mental and emotional bullying, resulting in anxiety and low self-esteem.

Despite the challenges, I had a loving family that gave me hope for the future.


I graduated High School and headed off to University where a lack of funding "encouraged" me to join the Canadian Armed Forces to finish my education.

I graduated with distinction from the Royal Military College of Canada achieving a BA in Politics in Military Psychology and Leadership. I achieved top candidate on my Military Police Officer's Course and for the first time felt that I had found my calling.


Over the next 12 years I gave the military everything. I travelled to Afghanistan three times, Kuwait four times, Northern Canada four times, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. I led high performing teams mentoring Afghan National Police in the deserts of Afghanistan, preparing for the retrograde of equipment and supplies through Kuwait, and providing law enforcement and security across Ontario. 

In 2017 everything changed. I lost all ambition, sense of purpose, meaning and even contemplated suicide. Thankfully with the support of my wife, I reached out for help and was diagnosed with an Operational Stress Injury resulting in severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression

This is when I faced my greatest challenge, finding my way back to myself. Over the next 3 years I:

  • saw my psychologist a lot;

  • escaped to my own retreat on a horse ranch;

  • travelled to Mount Everest Basecamp and summitted Lobuche East at 20,000ft

  • facilitated a veteran retreat in Philippines;

  • shared my story for a number of different organizations; and

  • read more books than I'd ever read before; and

  • put time and energy into reviving my relationships.

The biggest 'aha' moment was realizing that I could find purpose in all of my experiences. I decided to use all of my Leadership education, training, and life experience to help others through professional coaching. 


With this realization, I completed an 8 month training program to become an ICF Certified Professional Coach and after considerable coaching experience, received the Associate Certified Coach designation. 

I now use my experience, training and education to help people and organizations reach new levels of success.  


"I help people get out of their own way and achieve success in all areas of their life."

"What would your most courageous self say to you about your current actions, goals, relationships and life?" ~Brendon Burchard

"Thinking will not overcome fear but action will." ~W. Clement Stone

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