COVID 19: Surviving Isolation Part 1: The Wheel of Life

Updated: Jan 15


Hello. My name is Chris Power. And welcome to the first part of a nine part series, Talking about COVID-19 and Surviving Isolation. So a lot of people are really struggling these days, as I'm sure you can appreciate.

With the change in the way that we live, especially I'm here in Ontario, Canada, and looking at increased restrictions, and people aren't able to kind of go to places that they're used to going or talking to the people that they're used to talking to, it's having a huge impact.

And so I thought that I would take this time to provide some tools to share anything that I've learned over the last few years in my coaching and even before that in my time in the military, just to try to help people as much as I can and to give as much as I can to the people that need it most.

And so the way that I'm going to do this, or the structure that I'm going to use, is the wheel of life. So if you haven't seen it before, this is what the wheel of life looks like. Don't worry about writing it all down right now, because there will be a copy, a link to a copy, in the comments below. But I'll just read them out to you.

So these are the eight areas of life, so business career, finances, health, family and friends, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical environment. So what we're going to do over the next eight videos that will follow this one, is we're going to go into each of those in a little bit more depth. So we'll talk about what they mean or kind of what they mean to me and to the people that I've worked with before.

And then we're going to talk about some tools, or some, maybe, perspective shifting, or some ways that really to take what we have and make the most of it. There's a lot of things out of our control right now when it comes to physical lockdowns and restrictions on what we can do and what we can't do.

The goal behind this is to say, all of these things are being imposed on me. All of these things I cannot control. So what's in my control? What can I do? What can I do to make my life a little bit better today? Or what can I do to make the lives of my family and friends around me a little bit better today?

What kind of creative ways can we use to try to find some happiness, and some joy, and some lightness, when we're really facing a very heavy topic and a very heavy experience for all of us? And I thought the best way to do it would be to go through this process online and to create these videos, because then if you know somebody that could use some of these tips or tricks or could use maybe a different perspective, perhaps you can share these videos.

And it might give them maybe a little breath of fresh air, maybe just-- like I say, it's sometimes just as easy as changing the way that you see things. And that can make all the difference in the world and just a reminder, or a regular reminder, of how much you have going for you, or the things to be grateful for, or regroup and reflect on what's important in life, and then maybe to do some self-discovery.

So maybe eight areas of life are a lot. And there was a point, like I say, that I didn't even know there were eight areas of life. So perhaps this can be an awesome time of self-discovery and figure out what's missing in your life. And maybe when the restrictions are gone, you'll have a good solid plan on what you want to do in each area of your life in order to improve and to find a greater level of satisfaction.

So what you'll see when you get the wheel of life is that there's a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being absolutely terrible, you're not happy in that area of life, and 10 being you're absolutely elated, and it's the best it could possibly be. And the idea is to go through it and have a look and decide where you sit on that. Where would you rate the different areas of your life and why? And then what would a 10 look like in each area of life?

What do you want out of life? What do you want out of each of these areas? What would you like to see if you had the perfect existence? What would they look like? And so over the next eight sessions, we're going to talk about that.

We're going to go deep into each of these sections and we're going to try to figure it out together, figure out what each of those look like, what a 10 would look like, where we are, and how we might start taking steps to move the bar up a little bit, maybe not to a 10, but at least a couple of blocks. And especially during this COVID-19, it'd be great to see some life improvements when we're dealing with something that's having such a strong impact on our life.

So thank you very much for tuning in. If you've enjoyed this video, if you've found it helpful at all, feel free to like and share. And you're always welcome to check out my website,, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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