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'The New You' Boot Camp

Like the Basic Training you received when entering your organization, this 5-Week Online Course will provide you with the essential tools for a successful transition. 

Let this be the beginning of answering the question we've all asked during transition: "Who Am I?"

The Objectives

Week 1:

The Past

I know what you're thinking, you have no interest in rooting through the details of your time working for the institution. Well, me neither!

Instead, we're going to touch on our various experiences only long enough to pull out the main lessons. This way we can close that chapter for good. 

Week 2:
Values and Beliefs

Your Values and Beliefs have been built up throughout your life and have been strongly impacted by the institutions you've worked for. 

Now that you're free of the institution, you get to choose the Values and Beliefs that suit you best in the new life you're creating. 

Week 3:
The Inside

This is where we get to the core of the question 'Who Am I?'. Although we're made up of a mind, body and soul, it's time we got to know ourselves a little better without the influence of the institution. 

Week 4:
The Outside

Now that we are better acquainted with ourselves it's time to take this refreshed identity out into the world and build a life around it. We will walk through redefining relationships, discovering a new sense of purpose and learning to stop taking life so seriously. 

Week 5:

Prioritizing is all about deciding what is most important to us and living in accordance with those decisions. If we are going to take the things we've learned in the training and truly change our lives going forward, prioritization will be key. 


The Curriculum

Week 1:
The PASt

Closing a Chapter

What have you Experienced?

What Lessons have you Learned?

Letting Go of the Past


Week 2:

Values & Beliefs

Why are Core Values and Beliefs Important?

What are Values and Beliefs?

What Values and Beliefs Have you Adopted?

What Values and Beliefs Do you Choose?

Week 3:

The Inside

Who Are You?

The Mind

The Body

The Soul

Week 4:
The Outside

How do You Show Up?





Week 5:


What to do with this new information?

What are Priorities

What's Most Important?

Staying Focused

The Community

Together at the Top

When you've complete the Boot Camp, you will be given access to an exclusive Online community of graduates just like you, working together to make the most of life after service. 

"Alone We can do so little, together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

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